THRIFTY THURSDAY: 10 Ways to Save Money at the Store

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THRIFTY THURDAY: 10 Ways to Save Money at the Store.

We are still dealing with a recession and we need to keep more than we spend. Here are a few tips that
I use every week.

1. Write a list of your needs. Do not deviate from your list.

2. Search for coupons online before you arrive at the store. Check if you qualify for anything through the store reward program.

3. Check your local Dollar General or discount store for any sales or discounts. Many stores will offer you discounts if you dial a code on your cell phone.

4. Utilize the club warehouse such as  Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's.

5. For stocking stuffers, take advantage of "free after rebate" items at office supply stores, etc.

6. Visit the clearance area in all retailers.

7. Compare the prices at other stores before you purchase.

8. Ask the manager when prices will be lowered or the day of the next sale.

9. Buy last year's electronics models. And also check out the off-brands merchandise.

10. Save money by cooking by scratch. Check out a book from the library and cook and see the saving.

Do you have some money saving ideas?


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