Have You Sent Out Your Christmas Cards?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Christmas Cards.

I love sending and receiving Christmas Cards. I normally use Walmart but decided I would try Vistaprint this year trying to be, well...let me be honest. I was being "cheap" well, guess what happen...they were late.

I normally order from Walmart an my order always comes in less than a week even when I pay standard shipping or another Walmart option is to just pick up your picture at the store.

It seems like Vistaprint distribution must be out of Canada. I said that as a joke, but that is where it came from --seriously. Awh!!!! the first order was over a week late and the second order just arrived, right before the post office deadline. I mailed my cards last night.
Neeedless to say, my cards will arrive late.

I will know better next year. But I noticed this year I did not receive as many as I have in the past. I don't know if its the cost of postage or if everyone is sending ecard or maybe its the recession but I sure hope sending cards is not going to be a lost art.

I just got from Urban Round Up an ecard from Christian singer, Mary Alessi. I told you about her a few blogs ago. The card looks nice. Oh, I think I may try sending an ecard next year. This year has been so stressful with just trying to get a card through the mail.

Tell me about your experience with ecards, do you like them over traditional cards?