Whose Knocking At Your Door???

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...whose knocking at your door?

Today was my pre-Christmas Baking day. I had every thing planned. I had all my ingredients, I had everything laid out. I finally got to put on my cute apron I got from the Paula Deen restaurant in Savannah.
I was ready! My plan was to make an old-fashion pound cake, a red velvet cake, Paula Deens banana pudding, chocolate cookies, and my million dollar pie.

But for some strange reason when I started to get my rhythmn going I kept being interrupted. I was interrupted three times by three people I thought was trying to recruit for the holiday. I never had such an experience before.

First it as a Jehovah Witnesses, I was like are you serious. I was very nice...and asked them to keep their literature because I do not believe in their doctrine. Then I became a little annoyed when I heard a second knock at my door. This young girl wanted me to take her book of Mormon. She was quite pushy to me and I really was not in the mood for her recruitment method. She just didn't seem to want to leave or take no as an answer.

By ring number three, I had enough. I was like, "Lord are you for REAL?" Awhhh! I don't even know what church this person was  from ...all I hear was donation and that made me so angry.

Today, I realize I was caught up in my preparation for the coming of the Lord that I did not see how the
Lord wanted to use me three times today. It didn't dawn on me to witness to these three people today because they had interrupted me from doing what I wanted to do. Hopefully, I will be ready and pay more attention tomorrow.

The video below is an example of a Christian who was ready for his moment to witness.lol

Will you be ready when your mission project knocks on your door?