Enjoying Disney on a Budget

Animal Kingdom Christmas Parade

Enjoy Disney Without Spending All Your Money
Be A Cheapskate at Disney and Still Have Fun
Mom, Make A Sandwich A Disney?

Enjoy Disney On A Budget

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and letstalk about ...My Christmas Disney Vacation.

I think I finally recovered form my crazy trip to Disney, the day after Christmas. What were we thinking. I already told you about our first night at Nick Hoel. I loved it and didn't have any problems.

We stayed at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort its a lakeside American Southwest-themed Disney Moderate Resort. It was very nice. This is was our second trip so we learned from our first adventure.
We requested the room on the lower level near the bus stop. When I go to Disney I get my moneys worth.

It was extremely crowdy
Here are some of my Mommy Tips:
1. Before you arrrive check out the park schedule. The Magic Hour dictates which park we visit on a particular day. The benefit of staying on the property is the Magic Hour.

You can actually get a chance to get on the rides.   If you have issues with lines then this is not the park for you because you will be in lines for at least 40 minutes or more.

2. Take your character pictures at Epcot during the Magic Hours. We were able to take pictures with all the characters.

3. Wear your good sneakers that are already broken in. Purchase a hoodie with pockets in the front for your camera. Leave the purse at home. You do not have time for all that. You have everything you need.

4. Buys snacks, and water before you arrive. All the kids have to wear a book bag. In the bag I put sunglasses, a sandwich, snacks and one bottle of water. They can refill their bottle in the park.

5. Utilize the Fass Pass for popular rides. Fass Pass is a ticket you can use to get on a ride without having to stay in line so long. The catch is you can only get one every hour. So stand in one line and get to go ahead on another.

6. Purchase at least one Dinner with show combination at the busy parks especially if you go during the peak season. This is such a bonus, don't worry about paying extra you will not have to stand in a long line and the dinners are quite nice. Plus the VIP treatment is the great. You have to reserve this with WDW Dining.

7. Buy your gifts on the last day. If you want to really save money. Visit the Walmart in Orlando near Nick Hotel. They have great Disney products at a great rate.

If you want any more tips you have to buy my book in the Summer 2011. I just want you to know that we rode every ride at Magic Kingdom the night before New Year. Yes, you can do it with a plan and by ignoring  all those distractions. I was determine that I would get my money's worth. On New Year's Day we were able to go to the Studios and go then go back to the room and sleep and make it back in time for the count down.

Boston Lobster Fest
There are many deals for Disney right now just check out all the sites. By the way I have to also tell you about a place we discovered on the day Animal Kingdom closed early. It was called the Boston Lobster Fest. It was really off the beatin path but wonderful.

*NOTE: My trip was not paid by anyone but my husband but I am always looking for great Comp trips for the summer by I have to be able to give a honest review.


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