God Wants Us to Live A Clean Life

        Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... Living a Clean Life.
I was reading Daniel 1. God wants us to live a clean life. God really cares about what we put into our body.
I don't know if because I am trying to lose weight or what but I have been more aware that I have to even eat on purpose with a plan. I can not make excuses for putting eight cookies in my mouth in one sitting.
The Bible says, “ … their fruit will be for food and their leaves for medicine.” Ezekiel 47:12
As I journey through trying to lose weight. The Lord has been making me more aware of how my modern way of eating could lead to many of our modern day illnesses and disease if I am not careful. Daniel 1 talks about a natural diet. Daniel dared to be different. He did not take part in King Nebuchadnezzar's diet. He refused the kings meat even though this action could have caused him more hard. He chose not to eat those food. He chose to be physically and spiritually healthy.

The Lord is telling us the same message today. God wants us to live a clean life. God is asking some of you to give up pork or meat. He maybe asking you to make some modifications. Making such a big change may not be excepted by your family or friends. It may cause you a little harm. The Lord might want you to fast and those around you may be against the idea.

Just know that God is waiting for you to make the first step to change your life. He is not please with how we are feeding our family. He is not please with our love affiar with food. He is not please with our lack of concern for what we eat.

You have to pray and ask God specifically what needs to be changed in your life. It may be something small or he may be telling you to only eat fruits and vegetables and water for 10 days.
Daniel demonstrates God's complete control over our lives over time. I don't know if the Lord is leading you to partake in a Daniel's Fast but here are some benefits some people have said they notice by changing their diet.

The proven benefits include:
Body - detoxified
Bloating (intestinal) - gone
Blood Pressure - improved

Concentration - enhanced
Cholesterol - lowered
Cravings (sugar, refined carbohydrates & savory) - overcome

Depression - lessened
Diabetes - improved

Energy level - better
Excessive night-time urination - disappeared

Fertility - increased
Fluid retention - gone
Food allergies and addictions - recognised and overcome

Good health - renewed and maintained

Hair and nail strength - improved
Headaches - disappeared
Hot flushes - disappeared
Hypoglycaemia - improved

Immunity to recurring illness - strengthened
Insomnia - disappeared
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and stomach complaints -disappeared

Menstrual problems and PMS - disappeared
Mind - clearer and sharper

Negative health symptoms - reversed

Organs and tissues - stimulated into proper function
Overeating - overcome

Recovery from illness and drug treatments - assisted
Reflux and indigestion - disappeared

Skin problems (eczema, acne and dermatitis) - improved
Spirituality - enhanced
Stamina - increased
Sugar cravings - overcome

Tiredness - disappeared

Weight loss - accomplished

Are you doing anything to change your healthy? Have you tried the Daniel Diet?


  1. I have the Daniel fast, some great ideas in it! :) Being healthy God's way sure is the way to go!

  2. My sister is on the Daniel fast right now. I haven't decided to try it but it seems to have some great benefits, weight loss being one of them.


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