Online Weight Loss Support- Let's Bloggercise

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... Weight Loss in 2011. I've always wondered if online support really works, so I decided to see for myself.

Your welcome to join the Weight Loss Support blog link. I plan to report my progress and experience every Monday. So far there are only 20 participants but I am always looking for some more company.

This is all new to me so excuse me if I am a little rough around the edge. Chick the Weightloss link and sign-up for weight loss support and encouragement! You can join me on Mondays if you like and share your progress. Okay, today is Monday weigh in time, which could be awful after a weekend of eating out, lol.

- Weight Goal: 30 Pounds Lighter by August. I think that is enough time. I want to increase my vegetable and water intake.

- Last week's weight:  (Just started)

- This week's weight: 180 pounds

- What you are doing to reach your goals/how your week has been/ any setbacks, etc?!

My goal is 50 sit ups tonight. I am not even going to be bothered with the push up because I hate them and couldn't do them when I was 110 pounds. lol  I plan to begin every morning with exercise. I want to try ZUMBA by Wii. If you have it let me know. I would love to review it for someone.

This week question is: What's your food weakness?
Sweets are my weakness. I do not have a particular brand, lol.

*Motivating Scripture: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


  1. Whenever I read your blog really get inspired and motivated. I'm also preparing to do list to reduce my excess weight.


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