Our Vist to the Nickelodeon Suites Resort

Route 95 South in North Carolina
Ladies, Have a seat and have a sip of tea.
This year my family decided to have a destination holiday/birthday celebration.

We just so happen to drive to Florida during the storm that hit the northeast. Look at Route 95 South in North Carolina. What were we thinking, lol!

Our first stop, was the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, Florida. I must admit my husband I read so many negative reviews online--we weren't sure
if we should give the hotel a try.

We settled on a one day sampling. We paid for this trip out of our own pocket to celebrate my child's birthday during the holiday so this was not a comp trip. I must say we had an excellent experience. The staff was great. I loved the security and friendly staff. Everyone gave my child birthday greetings because he had on his special birthday button.

Guest getting slimed during show
Of course we stayed in the Sponge Bob room and my child just loved it. Parents pay for the upgrade to help make the event special. The room way a nice size for a family of four.

Nickelodeon Suites Resort - was a high energy family hotel in Orlando. It was unfortunately cold during our stay so we did not get to swim. We were happy to see they had a special event Dora's Let it Snow.

If you paid an additional fee you were able to get unlimited hot chocolate, 4-D shows entry, watch a snowy theater style show, slide down an ice slide and meet the character. We thought the event was great especially since we did not go into the pool even though it was open during the cool weather. At the resort we took part in the Studio Nick live interactive shows. I loved the fact that you were able to reserve the show of your choice. The was also a standby line for those who just decided to walk in.

Live Show at Nick Hotel
 My child even was chosen to participate in the Slime Time Live Show. We watched the 4-D films without worrying about long lines. I love that all of Nicks activities are in one building. The following morning we had a character breakfast. Parents you have to reserve your space before you arrive at the property.

I really love the fact that you did not have to worry about hunting down the characters because every character took the time to visit every table. The waiters are very warm and friendly. The characters even gave us a little shows. The next time your in Florida, take the time and check out the Nick Hotel. By the way its very close to Disney with shuttle service to most of the major parks. I think this is a great Disney Resort alternative.