Are You Sure Your Child Can Read?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about . . . .
reading in America. Are you sure your child can read? Has your child been taught to memorize words? Can your child sound out words? Does your comprehend the material they read?

I know you are probably wondering where I got this topic from? Well, I was teaching Sunday School and asked several students to read a passage in the bible and I did not like what I heard.

The children in my class were too old, not to have mastered some basic reading skills. Spiritually these kid are lacking.
However, I began to wonder if these students could master their reading, could they also master their spitiual life?

If God communicates with us through his word, then if one can not read it has to impact negatively on their spirtitual life. I began to wonder how as Bible Teacher I can help my students and and help save their souls. Wow! What a question to ponder.  Imagine, The Enemy has gotten so many in this generation to be so technologicallly savy that they are missing the basics,
of understanding what they read.

Illiteracy is a major problem in the United States. The number of children and adults who can not read is quite shameful. There is so many functionly  illiterates. Yes, they can drive a car and read a few signs.
Some of these people can even text, tweet and play videos games. Internet vernacular has really made it easy wit is lol, pos, and other slang. This is a real problem for Christian parents. There is a generation of people who simply can not read God's word in the bible. Christians need to get involve with this growing problem.

It's affecting everyone's community. How can you make a difference? You can teach you children that it's not alright to make fun of someone who cannot read. Teachyour child to value learning. You can teach them to be good citizens by helping in the community..

What Can Christians Do To Help? You can:
1. Volunteer: You can volunteer to help someone learn to read through your local library, your child's school or even at your church.

2. Attend illiteracy forums: A great place to start is The Literacy Council. This organization provides many different resources.

3. Provide books: One of  the keys to reading success is the ability to have an opportunity to read. Many illiterate children and adult's have never read a book. You can contact RIF for more information or check will local churches to see if they have any local educational ministries.

Christian parents can do so much in their local community. You can volunteer to read in the community and/or plan a book drive. You can volunteer to tutors others to read. We all can make a difference in the lives of others. It only takes a person with a desire to see change.

Let me know what your going to do in your community. Ladies, please share your ideas


  1. What a great topic!

    I volunteer in a classroom here in Belize two times a week. So far the kids I work with seem to be reading well.

  2. Ah, favorite thing. A great subject. Reading is beneficial in so many ways. It helps a mom to discover who their child is by reading daily to them and watching which books they enjoy. Reading bonds the parent and child. I cannot imagine a childhood where only the eyes entertain and not the thoughts.

  3. This saddens me. I was doing some reading online and one poll suggested that something around 30% of adults in America can only read at the most basic level.

    I hope that we can change that and also be able to spread the world of the lord. Our kids ministry is definitely learning to read and write through the message of God.

  4. "There is a generation of people who simply can not read God's word in the bible. Christians need to get involve with this growing problem."
    You've really given me something to think about here!


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