Are You A Willing Vessel?

Come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about being a Willing Vessel for the Lord. Imagine the Lord wants all of us to just surrender everything and just be willing vessels. Are you willing to let the Lord use you? If he can use a donkey, then he can use you.

The Lord is seeking a few dedicated Christians who are doers of the Word and not hearers.

What has the Lord placed in your heart?

What bothers you?

Your mission maybe right in your circle of influence.

Your ministry may even be small. Everyone is not called to be a missionary oversea. But God has given us all a purpose or job to do on earth. We just have to believe in the possibilities, trust God and be a willing vesssel.

I was surpise to stumble upon this video, especially since I am getting ready for the Super Bowl. I was just thinking about all the people who watch the game across the country. What a great opportunity for Christians to witness to adying souls. If God can use these football players he too can use you.

What is your mission in llfe? Are you a willing vessel?


  1. I kind of touched on this issue myself, today. I really like your blog, so glad I've found it. Can't believe I haven't seen you around before now. I found you on Blog Catalog.

    Thank you, I'm working at being "A willing Vessel." Some days...well, my heart is always willing, but sometimes things come up, and I want to "will" to do my own thing.

    Thanks to Ann Voskamp, and me participating in her Monday's Gratitude list, reading her book, getting "back" committed to my quiet time and reading the Bible...I'm getting back to becoming more willing.

    Anyway, thanks


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