Super Bowl, More than Football

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...The Super Bowl.

Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? It was estimated that 107.5 million people took time to view the game. That is an amazing number of people doing the same thing at the same time all over the country.

Yes, my team lost. But that is not why I enjoy the game. I think I just like spending time with family and friends. I get tickle watching all the males get so emotional especially those who tend to be quiet and timid in other settings. The men get so emotional and the ladies get quiet. All the women in room glanced
at one another signaling that they rather be watching HGTV.

But I have to admit that I love to watch the commercials. My favorite was the little boy in the Star Wars outfit. I think it was for the Passat car. This commercial was well done. It was realistic, cute and innocent. The commercial I hated most was Sketchers with Kim Kardashian. I had to cover my kids eyes, I thought they were about to play a porn movie. It was really too much. Hello advertiser, most people don't want their young children to see all that. Sex and family time doesn't really mix.

When I saw the ad on John 3:16 ( ) I was impressed. I thought that was a clever outreach to such a large population of people who do not know much about the scripture. I do not know how they will judge if their ads were effective, but I would be curious to know the number of their hits.

The ad made me go and look up their website. The mission of Fixed Point Foundation is to promote a confident Christianity in the public square by fortifying the minds of Christians and challenging the faith of skeptics. I am not sure about their church affiliate or who leads this organization, but I loved the commercial. This may be how outreach will look like in the future?  What was your favorite commercial?


  1. My favourite is the Volkswagen/Star Wars one for sure! We did something similar to our boy when he was little. His reaction was priceless!


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