A Time to Laugh

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...a time to laugh...Ecclesiastes 3:4.

Have you ever just woke up in the morning, and just didn't feel like going through your regular routine.
today. I much rather be at the beach just feeling the soft breeze blow across my face.

That is how I felt. Today, I didn't want to do anything. I was yearning for a simple life.

I decided that I would turn everything off. I turned of my radio in the car. I turned off the cell phone. I let the answering service do the talking. I didn't go into our beak area for coffee and tea with coworkers. I decide this morning to just have a moment of SILENCE. I enjoyed my time of silence and had an opportunity to laugh with a few friends. I think I may have scared a few friends because they couldn't get in touch with me as quickly as they like to. When I came back to my tech world a friend decided to email me this little funny clip.

I hope you enjoy and have a little laughter today.