Are You Ready to Begin the Race?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Are you ready to begin the race?

I am not talking about a 5K race, I am talking about your spiritual race.

Spring is all about new beginnings. Its about renewal. Well, I decided to get myself together and finally get back to trying to loose weight. No one reminded me, I am talking ABOUT MY BLOG READERS, no one said a word about me not posting my Sunday Weigh In. Guess what, so that gave me an excuse to do nothing.

Do you know what the Lord did? He made a good friend ask me to enter a race with her. I thought she had really lost heer mind. I mean in high school I ran track but 100 pounds later I am like, is she kidding? She said she wasn't playing with me and she wasn't going to accept no as an answer. In my mind, I thought the nerve of her but then the Lord started to deal with me about following through on my commitments.

OUCH! .  .  .


I decided to get back in to my training mode. I figure its just like riding a bike. Surely, I did not forgt how to run, lol. I must admit it was hard, sooooo very hard to make it around that track. Mmmm! its been many years since I have been on a track. I was so ashame. What have I been doing in the last few years, I thought.

Awe, sitting, eating, sitting, eating! I was getting so upset with myself because I let myself get caught up with being busy for busy sake. I really wanted to get back to one of my first loves.

I decided to check out one of my favorite bloggers sites This sister loves to run which I use to love but I think I thought it was a dream of the past. However, as I struggled around the track the Lord reminded me of how much I enjoy running.

As I ran and got out of breath, I just felt like I was breaking my bondage and my spiritual rut. When I began to get tired, I decided to slow down and walk. I just did not want to give up. My exercise time turned into a Spiritual Walk witht the Lord.

The Lord got on me about neglecting my physical as well as my spiritual temple.

It is so easy to get caught up in busyiness, foolishness, all the stress that life can bring. The Lord reminded me that as I prepare for my race, spring, and Resurrection Sunday, take a moment and prepare your heart for what the Lord want from you spiritually in your life.

Our spiritual race is not something that is swift, the Lord wants us to take time and spend time and endure the experiences of  life.

How is your spiritual life today?