Does Your Attire Tell Me About Your Attitude In Christ?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup
of tea and lets talk about ...Does Your Attire Tell Me About Your Attitude In Christ?

This blog is a result of a comment I got from a teenager. The teen told me that I am the "coolest dressing Christian they ever met, ...If more Christians looked like you maybe more kids  would be interested in Christ."

I thought that was such an odd comment. Then I began to think, children tend to speak what's on their heart. They normally reveal what's on their heart. Mmmm, could this be true? What is Christian Woman look like on days other than Sunday? Do you dress in a way that advertise the goodness oof God? Do we dress in a manner that will attract others to be curious about our walk?

Do we look "frumpy and dumpy?" Do we look sickly and tattler like something is wrong with us? Do we like there is no blessing in following Christ? Are you tooo holy for any earthly good? Do you dress like a "scary" Christian?

We know that God looks at our heart but as believers and missionaries we have to be aware of our outward appearance. Everything we do as believers advertise our life and walk with the Lord to others. We have to be more aware of our influence.

I thought I dressed like normal women my age. For the most part, I would describe myself as a "girly girl."  I love hats and dresses on Sunday. I like to look nice and neat the rest of the week. I never look "trashy" or look terrible in public. I just like dressing in a manner that makes me feel good about myself. I do appreciate a little style and fashion; however, it has to be appropriate.

This teen made me so conscious that I decided to check out some of the other Christian women at church and at the neighborhood Christian church. Oh no, I did see what the teen was talking about lots of flumpy Christian ladies, Oh NO!!! Is our attire discouraging our children? Are the worldly moms keeping themselves up better than those of us who love and follow Christ? Do we preach that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" while we look unkept most of the time.

The way you look sometimes tell others about how you feel about yourself. What is our outward appearance saying to others about how feel about our Christian journey?

Are you wearing sweats everyday? If you are not jogging or exercising ...put them in the trash can.

Do you dress up when your husband comes home or when you see your fiancee?

Do you have the attitude that it doesn't matter how you look? Jesus still loves you?

How would others describe your attire?

When you think of dressing like a Christian woman, what images come to mind? What is our attire witnessing to others? Is your attire draw others to Christ?


  1. Sometimes I think that there is a frumpy lady uniform that we are all supposed to wear. Especially on the mission. I don't dress like that. I dress in what I like and in what makes me feel good. Great post... it really made me think about this issue in a a different way.


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