Christian Play Productions: Is There A Need?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... Christian Play Productions.

I am a supporter of Christians in the Arts. I believe the Lord has given us gifts in various areas of life. Now, I am not saying I agree with everyones manner to express themselves because we have to be aware that the enemy can also use ones talent for pollution of souls.

I have written a play and I love seeing plays. I understand that its sometimes hard for the connection to come together with ones written work with the actual product. But I do not what to discourage upcoming Christian Artist. We need Christians to support the work of other Christians.

I like many people have been disappointed by the quality of many shows that have been showcased for the Christian market. I always thought that was an untapped market. However, many of the really fabulous plays I have seen had big budgets. Now that is the real challenge; how to develop a wonderful product on a low budget. Tyler Perry was able to successfully accomplish this. If it wasn't for Tyler Perry many would have ignored this market.

Now we have Executive Producers Je’Caryous Johnson and Gary Guidry, they are founders of I’m Ready Productions. This company is trying to do what Perry did but take it to the next level by producing soul-stirring plays. I would like to encourage you to give them a try before you judge or complain without seeing their work.

This is a talented group. They have been breaking box office records, more than two million people in over 50 cities have turned out for I’m Ready plays. From turning bestselling African-American novels into plays, to approaching Hollywood’s hottest stars for its productions, I’m Ready’s approach is fearless and outside-of-the-box, changing the face of American touring theatre.

Here is one of his latest venue, In May they will be in California:
Esteemed lawyer Koren Lyles has been known to slay hearts, but what happens when each of her past romantic casualties, end up at a premarital weekend retreat all together? It's a date with disaster!

Koren has it all and unfortunately far more than she bargained for. Life was good, she was up for partner, and her loving boyfriend, Joey Harris, proposes marriage. Then her life changes when her old flame, Cameron, who is also her boss, professes he wants to leave his wife for her. Not knowing how to deal with him, she let Joey persuade her into going to a couples' retreat to see if they are ready for marriage.
Watch the adventure of a marriage retreat.

If you have seen any of their productions, let me know your opinion of their efforts.


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