Your Not Alone- Step Out On Faith

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Your Not Alone-Step Out On Faith.

If you have been wondering where I have been and what I have been doing. Well, I have been preparing for a Cause March. I just completed the March of Dimes March with a few girlfriends in the pouring rain.

But before I went on the walk I wanted to prepare my mind, body and spirit for my task.Let's be honest, I was trying to get in shape just enough so I would not pass out at the event. Many ladies told me they wanted to join me. Twelve good friends said they would join me. Well, until I called them up to join me at the track.

Imagine, these same ladies months earlier told me it was such a great idea for us to geet back in shape      and raise money for a great cause. I had to be careful not to let these people attitude discourage me. I felt so alone. I was so hyped up about the cause, get out and exercising with some girlfriends. Twelve people said they would join my adventure but when it was time to pracing no one showed up.At first I felt so sad and alone. It seems like when the subject is health and exercise I can never find friends who jump us and join me. My training time end up being my Spirit Walk. The Lord used the time to prepare my heart and remind me that ones ministry is just for you.

The day of the event, I thanked the Lord for the six ladies who showed up in the rain for a 3K Journey.
The Easter story reminds us that the Lord promised that Easter will overcome Good Friday. Whatever issue you are dealing with right now, its only temporary.

Jesus aid in his word, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” And he also declares a word of hope: “Into your hands, I commend my Spirit.” In this declaration, we find our hope.

The message of Holy Week, is our Lord is faithful. He know what you are going through in your life.He understands your needs, desire and disappointment. Whether it’s sticks or stones, or names, we have been called to a ministry of word and service, and no matter what comes our way, God is there to sustain
us in our ministry. When Jesus prayed in the garden in preparation to what he knew was coming. He was seeking comfort and support from his friends but they were obviously tired and asleep.

I wanted my girlfriends to be just as excited and into the March like I was into it but the Lord had to remind me that this was my desire. I became angry and felt alone. The Lord had to remind me that even if I felt alone he was still there all I had to do was to focus on him and pray.

What is the Lord urging you to do in your life and ministry? Have you stop pursuing it because of the attitude of others? The word reminds us there will be resistance in our desire and ministry, but God and not Caesar will prevail. So be strong and stand firm.