Are You Afraid of Small Group Bible Study?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and let us talk about ... Small Group Bible Study.

How do you feel about participating in small groups? Do you do well in break out sessions? When you hear about a small group Bible Study do you tend to embrace the situation or do you find yourself running?

I am teacher, a bible teacher so I was asked to develop a small group bible study. I get so excited about teaching and reading new books.
Lately, I have noticed something kind of odd. Many people seem to be scared to join a bible study group.

I haven't figured out why. I am friendly, I smile and I always introduce myself to others. I haven't figured out why people are so resistent. To joining a small group in church. If you feel the same was please tell me some of your reasons.

Believe me I am not a "Scary" Christian, lol. I just hate when I invite people I see in the face that they are going to run or they are so not interested. It is good for Christians to fellowship together. That is how we get to know one another. If we know one another then its easy to talk about things of God to a person. I was beginning to get a little sad. I don't want to scare people from participating before they even come out and see what our group is doing.

Then my friend sent me this email. I just couldn't stop laughing as I thought about my small group.


  1. Anonymous27.1.13

    hi i was just looking up the reason to why im afraid to join any group of people, and this popped up. i was actually thinking of church as a group to join but im scared to do it. im sure people there are nice since they are christians they should be, but im hesitant. i think it goes back to when i was in grade shcool and the kids picked on me i didnt have any friends and was picked last for everything, then they refused to take me if they were the last to pick. they also told me not to be a part of them so i walked around at school by myself. i wouldnt look at other people and i still have bad eye contact. i would actually pass out or have panic attacks so even after all these years i cant join anything


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