Bishop Eddie Long: Don't Trust Your Children With Anyone

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Don't trust your children with anyone.

Yes, That is my advice to women and especially Single Moms for the summer. Single Moms the enemy tries to attack the children. Be aware this summer where you leave your children and who is watching them.

Do not for get that the church is like a hospital. There are many sick spirits/people there too. The word reminds us:

Bible in Basic English: John 10:10
The enemy comes not only to take the sheep and to put them to death: he comes for their destruction: I have come so that they may have life and have it in greater measure.

Mom, please remember--no one can love and care about your child than you! If they do then its time for you to investigate if the Enemy is up to his old deeds.

Do not leave your child unsupervised over their friends house. Supervise your child with older cousins, friends of friends and those who you know in your spirit is a little off.

 Do not leave your child alone with any pastors, leaders, etc. without you being there. You know in you spirit that kind of behavior is not right. If you do not know, I am telling you and take this as a message from the Lord.

Do not raise your children not to talk to you and share things with you. Even when you are tired. Try to make time for at least ten minutes of catching up on each others day. Encourage your children to speak up for themselves. If your child is quiet my nature you need to really watch them. A child who is quiet should feel comfortable with at least one person in their immediate family. If not investigate.

Before I let you see what Sheree from the View said about Pastor Long.
I just want to remind someone that the Pastor is not your child's daddy or your husband. Please get into the word of God.

No one outside you should be correcting your child. Just because you are a Single Mom doesn't mean you should give up all your power in your household. When you teach your child there is no boundaries then they will not be able to identify any. Teach your child if they get that "Oh o" feeling that is the Holy Spirit whispering that something is not right.

You know what I feel about Eddie Long. NO, I DON'T BELIEVE HIM, OR HIS MINSTRY!!! Something in my spirit says he is a liar. I am disgusted and angry that T.D. Jakes did not even think about the children. The children. All those Men Power and Woman Thou Art Loose. He should be able to decern some things even if he doesn't know for sure.

Everyone need to write his ministry and ask for a refund. The bible warns all of us about the last days.