Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about job.
If you have a job what would you do if you called your boss and told him/ or her that you were not feeling well and you were not coming in that day.

What would you do if your boss told you that you needed to come in or find a new job. I am serious what would you do?  Do you pray, say okay your on your way or do you quit?

Today on the news I heard the story about a bus driver who wasn't feeling well; however, since he wasn't strong enough to stand up to his boss by telling the truth. He went to work sick and tired.

Every action has a reaction whether good or bad. This poor man who was sick and tire crashed his large "grey hound" type bus and killed a few people. It is such as sad story. This man now is going to jail all because he wasn't strong enough to stand for what was right.

How about you what are you going to do when difficult issues arise?                 


  1. That's horrible. Luckily I don't work at a place that would do that. My boss would rather I stay home and not affect the others I work with. If I had a boss that would insist I work sick, I'd find another job quickly.


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