Take a Prayer Walk

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...taking a prayer walk.              

A prayer walk is normally when you walk and pray and listen to the Lord. It is a moment of reflection in the spirit as you exercise.

Have you every taken the time to just pray and talk too the Lord?

Or have you thought of a creative manner in which to witness to others?

The Lord reminds us in his last message to his people to go out and preach to all nations. Could he have meant outside the four walls of the church?

Today a few ladies from church decided to go walking to several different locations in our area and pray about some of our members prayer request.
We wanted to do something different so we decided to go to the local beach, park, mall parking lot and in the restroom of a popular box retailer (shhh!).

The locations came form the top of our heads. We just wanted to do something different and witness to others in a different manner.

At each location we read the request out loud and then we prayed aloud the request and close with a hymn. It was such a blessing. I think we event witnessed silently to a few people who were walking by wondering what we were doing. Then we were off to the next location.

It was such a unique and fullfilling experience. Many people looked at us because we did pray aloud. However we think we were able to touch others just by them seeing us pray for others. For some weird reason many people do not realize that Christian all over the nation are impacting their communities not just their particular church.

I encourage you to try something different or look at new was to witness to others. If you or your church do something different as far as reaching out in your community let me hear your ideas.


  1. What a great idea! May God bless your efforts!!


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