Are You Sharing God Daily With Your Family?

Sisters in Christ, I want to remind you about a new Christian movie called COURAGEOUS coming out this fall.

This movie will capture your heart as you meet four officers, their friend Javier, and their families. As you wait for the September 30 opening of the movie, check out these videos and take a look at photos from scenes in the movie that will help introduce you to the characters and the storyline.

One of my favorite piccture from the promotion of the show is this picture of Nathan and his family. I think its a beautiful picture it reminds me of the importance of the Head of the household sharing his relationship with God in an intimate way with his family. It also reminds me of my grandparents how family devotions was the norm in their household for many years.

The Lord wants us as Christians to educate our children spiritually. Do you
honestly take the time to teach your children yourself or do you rely on others in church to do it? Does your family show your children that you actually live your faith or would they say that is only your Sunday activity?

It made me wonder how many people in the church who call themselves Christians still read the bible together every morning?

How about you? Do you think it is still important to spend time in the Word of God as a family? If not, why? What is stopping your family from spending time like this every day?

If your family doesn't make time to read the Word. How can you change this behavior in your family life. Do you have 15 minutes to read an old and new testament scripture? Does this seem like an impossible charge?

Take a moment and enjoy the movie clip: