Are You Yearning For A Child?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...infertility.
I think this is a very hard subject for many women to discuss; however, I think this has been a growing problem with my generation. I am not sure of the medical reason why but most of my friends and even some family members have had this problem.

I think as Christian women we need to make sure that we are embracing our sisters when they are going through difficulty and led them know that they are not alone.

When I found about about one of bloggers I read and follow also went through the same issue I thought I should share with you, my readers how one fellow Christian Sister deals with her little moment of interruption. How do you deal with yearning for a baby and your body doesn't seem to want to listen.

Please check out one of my BFF in my head, lol. Ashley Wells just published her ebook. Take a moment and purchase it and let her know we told you about it. Its less that $10. However, her testimony will touch your heart.

Visit Ashley's blog at
He book reveals how at the age of twenty-two, She learned that she would not be able to conceive or sustain the life of a child within her body, outside of divine intervention.

The next months, and years, were a difficult time. She struggled to find her way, and struggled to trust God in the midst of difficulty.

However, in His faithfulness, God brought Ashley through infertility and now her faith is stronger than ever. Are you struggling with a diagnosis of infertility? Are you questioning God’s plans for your life?

This book gives the reader hope in the midst of infertility. Hope in your future. Hope in something more.

To purchase the book:

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