Free in Deed: Enjoy the 4th of July

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...being FREE in deed.

What does freedom mean to you?

Do you take it for granted?

Are you so use to it that you often forget that there are others helping us maintain our level of freedom in America.

As you enjoy your holiday, with your family and friends, take a moment and reflect on our military families in the U.S. and overseas. There are so many families across the world who give up so so much so we can have so many rights and freedom.

Thanks, thanks thanks! I just want to tell all my readers married to soldiers thanks for all they put up with personally for such a life commitment. America is still a blessed nation compared with so many over the world.
We continue to thank the LORD for the blessings of our nation.
We live in a free nation, but everyone may not be free spiritually. So if you do not know our Lord and Savior for yourself I want to encourage you to take the time and get to know him for yourself. Its one thing to be physically and mentally free but its another thing to be spiritually FREE. I think that alone is the ultimate freedom.

Enjoy your day and enjoy one of my favorite American songs