Veda Brown: Trusting the Lord in Business

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ....a modern Christian Sister on the move, Veda Brown just celebrated the anniversary of her company in a big way.
Veda Brown is a Christian women on the move and in business for herself. That is such an awesome responsibility and one can sometimes find themselves solving problems alone.

I am happy that Sister Brown did not give up and quit when things got rough, which they often do in business. She trusted the Lord to guide her through her journey. Her company is very successful. If you need some public relations service and you want to deal with a Christian business owner, please use her service.

I heard about Sister Brown via the net on AOL Gospel Section. If you don't know I love to share my opinion. Veda Brown helped to shape the section on AOL and made things really interested. Back in the day chat and bulletin boards was all the rave but no matter where you are you can not be afraid to let your faith shine through even in the board room as a Christian the Lord holds us to a certain standard.

Veda is a wonderful Christian Public Relations Publicist. Her company keeps many of us in the Christian market abreast of new Christian products, and people. Her company does a lot of eblast for the Christian market. Her company is called Gospelpromo. I just want to publicly congratulate her for her years of service in the Christian market. What a blessing any time one is able to see the fruit of the seeds planned many years ago.