Is It Time To Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...making some money. Is it Time to Turn Your Passion Into Profit?

 As a result of the economic and job market many people are without jobs. No one seems to have the luxury of working 30 years at one company and earning a gold and a retirement party.

Do anyone even give out gold watches anymore?

It seems like more and more people have to reinvent themselves. College no longer means that you automatically get a good paying job. Hard work doesn't always mean that you won't get a pink slip.
Welcome to the "new" America. It is time for us to change our thinking and the thinking of our children. Having a trade is no longer an option. Everyone today need to keep their options open.

If you were to lose your job today what would you do? I believe unemployment only last 26 weeks thanks to congress, what would your next step be?
The next hot craze in America is not clothing or a certain brand of clothes. Everyone from church to the lines in Target are taking about what is your alternative source of income. In modern girl term, Do you have a side "Hustle?"

My grandma use to say do not put all your eggs into one basket. The ladies in her generation were very smart. They use to wash and sew clothes on the side, bake cakes and watch other people children.

I do remember certain women in the neighborhood had certain skill. If you needed your hair pressed or if you wanted a cute gift there was always someone who did  some besides their day job.
What is your passion?
What is that dream the Lord has placed into your heart? Can you make your dream make you income? Ladies, even if you stay at home, I believe the Lord wants all of us to utilize our gifts and talents. Not keep them hidden away.
Hurry up and get a piece of paper. Yes, the Lord is trying to speak to you through this blog entry.
1. Identifying the things you truly enjoy doing.

2. What is the skills you already have?
Okay, now its time to brainstorm. How can you make some MONEY and generate an income with your talents?  You can't jump out there and start a business without a plan. The Lord is all about order.

It is vital to research the success potential the legal requirements in your area. Just use the Internet, it is wonderful for research. Use the net and come up with your own FREE market research.

The Lord has not given you a spirit of fear. Once you research everythng pertaining to your passion. Then it is time to get paid for your passion.  

Here is my disclaimer: Not everyone is cut out to work for themselves.
But I want to encourage everyone to think of alternative sources of income because it is not as easy as it once was to succeed in America.

Even the upper middle class are hurting financially. That is why I love the new cable show Downsize. Many people in American, including myself, got caught up in being such a capitalist that we really spent too much. If you don't believe me just look into your closet or your children closet. Can you find a garmet with a price tag? You know that means you have too much.

It is really time for many of us to examine what it means to be successful. Many of us need to work on the security of our family. Think carefully before you sell that family business. I feel so bad anytime I hear about a family business being sold by a young person so they can put their profits in the bank and then go work for someone else. Really! People struggle so you could go to college and help grow someone else business? Really?!?

How about your family, How secure are you? If you or your spouse lost their job what would you do? If you are unhappy at work and the Lord has given you lots of ideas, what are you doing with all that creativity?
Let me know what you think: If you have been successful at turning your passion into profit please share your story with us. What are you doing to make money? Is it your side business or your main business?


  1. This article is right on time. I was just looking to go back to school in a different field. My how times have changed. Side true.

  2. It's a great subject and you are right on about being flexible and reinventing ourselves. One just never know. Come join the conversations every Thursday and Post your questions on Thursday Two Questions Meme


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