Are You Biblically Literate?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Bible Literacy.

Would you consider yourself literate or illiterate on the Bible?

1. Unfamiliar with the structure of the Bible.

Have you ever picked up the bible and actually opened it? Do you know why the Bible is split between Old and New Testaments? They cannot name the books of the Bible. That the books are grouped into certain categories is unknown to them. And, sadly, many people cannot even locate a verse of Scripture.

2. Unfamiliar with the content of the Bible.

Have you heard of some bible stories? Many people know a few childhood stories such as Moses, Noah, etc. Do sermons of Jesus draw a blank? Do you know the Pauline and General Epistles? Or are they much too difficult to read and really aren’t practical? Do you think the books of the Prophets are totally useless?

3. Unfamiliar with the purpose of the Bible.

Do you understand the point of the Bible? The Bible is certainly not science, and even its history is suspect. At most it’s a moral code, but even then, the vast majority of people haven’t read it to know what moral code it contains; they quote the Golden Rule and think that’s all Jesus ever said.

4. Unfamiliar with the theology of the Bible.

Do you understand bible basics? Words such as sin, salvation, sanctification, grace, justification, and redemption are archaisms completely out-of-touch with modern-day America. The concept that there are doctrines of God, man, Christ, and the Trinity is unheard of.

5. Unfamiliar with the truth of the Bible.

Do you know the truth of the Bible? In a world of moral relativism and moral decay, the statement that there is absolute truth, revealed by the one true God, would be considered ridiculous, narrow-minded, and old-fashioned.


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