Preparing For the New Year

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Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets
talk about ... Preparing for the New Year

Its time to get rid of the old and prepare for the new.
I am throwing out.

I don't think you should start the New Year with a dirty house or laundry.

I think its a cultural thing from my ethnic group but I don't believe its a luck thing.

 I just don't want to start the year of right  by getting rid of the clutterr and leaving room for the Lord to come into my space and guide me into my 2012 destiny.

I feel the Lord has some new things for me to do in 2012 and I am excited to get started.

My personal 2012 goal is to only have things I LOVE in my space. I didn't realize how many things I really HATE are in my space that others have given me but I felt bad to throw away.

I have thrown away some ugly orange shoes, a sweater a student gave me as a gift. In the trash goes that polka dot dress my pastors wife gave me. Everything HAS to go. 

I was donating 100 books.

My husband thinks I have lost it but my home is going minimal in exactly 2 days. I have thrown away every extra lotions, towels, bedsheet in my hall closet. Some I am ashame to say may have been Christmas presents.
I think I really brought into capitalism in the past and wasted lots of time and money but in 2012. I hope to get it right. I don't need another thing except maybe furniture and that is very expensive. Which translate in money terms to "You need to wait and make due with what you already have."

No more clutter!

It can be a burden and it takes up space. I am in the education field and I donate 200 pencils to my local Christian Academy.

That is just too much junk!

I even found some donation bins in my neighborhood. I don't know who the donations go to but I have added more
books in them too.

I also had lots of little cermanic statues like flowers, frogs, dogs, etc... they didn't even go with my decor but some friend or relative gave it to me.  I hope they are not reading because its going to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

I am cleaning out my closet. I have lots of clothes and I feel if I throw it away I will need it tomorrow. I have 5 bags of clothes to donate right now and I am working on my shoes. Oh  no! I love shoes and coats.

I made space for only 24 and I am seriously having problems trying to downsize. I am trying to think about how many
coats a woman. I need more than four. Yes, its a real need. Well, I feel its a need.

I have never been to a therapy session but it may feel like this, lol. As I touch each item I keep saying, "I know I dont need this stuff." I have found many garments with their tags still on. Ohhh No!!! That is so bad. If I haven't worn it in a year its in the trash bag.

No I can not hold on anything for a yard sale because I am just not going to do it. I hope to share my before and after pics with you soon after I go through this mountain of stuff.

 I also have to take down all my Christmas stuff before the New Year.

Do you do  anything to prepare for the New Year? Is there any goals you have besides losing weight?

Please share.


  1. I frequently clear out my closet, but I can be a bit overzealous...sometimes I look for something I need and I realize that I got rid of it LOL!


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