30 Day Challenge to Healthy Meals: Turkey & Beans

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... my effort with the 30 Day Challenge to increase my meal selection to something more healthy.

Today I made Turkey Wings and Pinto Beans.Yes, I am calling this healthy...I believe it is, lol. No pork, or grease. This is one of my favorite simple comfort food.

If you have time slow cook your seasoned beans. Ladies you have to learn how to cook beans because if you get your guest to lick their fingers on your beans then you know you can cook. The seasoning has to be right on point and the beans tender.

No one wants nasty beans so don't try to bake them.

If you are on the go pressure cook those beans. If you have less than an hour get some no salt Pinto Beans in the can and season yourself. Don't forget to add seasoning and beans else it will just taste plain. This is a comfort dish.

I season my Turkey and just boil (My water is seasoned too)  and then bake for about 30 minutes. I like the skin to get a little brown with the seasoning. I like my meat soft so that is why I boil first. Don't over boil else when you bake it--it will
be quite dry.

I boil my rice to perfection. Not the American way. Every island girl know what I mean, lol. I mean every grain is cooked to perfection the old fashion way.

I then plate my dish. I put the salad in a separate bowl. I use the sauce of my beans as a gravy. You may not see
it in the picture. I just thicken the juices from the beans with a little flour. Take off the tips on the wings to make the presentation more classy. I love the tips so I left them on, lol. For my vegan friends my beans and rice alone is to "die for," lol.

That's it. Its my twist to an old fashion African American southern dish. In the old days the meat was seasoned with pork and women slow cooked the meal in one pot which is great in our modern day crock pot. I was served with collard greens or kale. I hate both so a salad is a great substitute. If you get a chance to try it out let me know how you enjoyed it.