In Search of Something Lovely

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about of something lovely.  I love to decorate and I really want or desire this fabulous closet in my head. My closet is small but I have big dreams for it so I have been goggle and bing searching all day. Check out my pictures I found. There are different elements of the pictures I like.

During my bible study I read Phillipians 4:8:
8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. (NIV)

Yes, my desire is for a beautiful closet that will make me smile everytime I walk in. The problem is I am having problems departing with ALL my stuff.  I have invested so much money in my garments and I don't know if I will be able to replace my things in the future with the same high quality merchandise. If I throw away my cowboy boots will it come back in style by the fall? How about my neon sweater from junior high school? or my double belts?

I have had to pray about the issue because I feel stuck and I really dream of having a lovely closet. I don't want to remain in the same place. I really want change. How do I get rid of things with so much meaning? I should give away my suits to a worthy cause but for some reason I can't follow through with it.  I have told myself to get rid of everything and enjoy starting all over from scratch. Okay it didn't work! I have outgrown most of the style of my clothes in my closet but some how I am having problems parting with it.What could I be holding on to?

I guess my struggle is normal. Change can be hard. Do you find it hard to take the first step in making a change? Putting that 20 year old sweater into the trash seems to hold a lot emotion. How about you and your sin?

What issue or thing are you finding hard to part with or just give up? You desire a lovely life or in my case a lovely closet but lack of TRUST seems to be holding you back. You really have to trust the Lord with all your heart.

You have to trust the Lord with your issue. I have to trust that when I get rid of something I will not all of a sudden need it. You have to trust that the Lord will be with you as you move to change in your life.

The Lord wants you to have a lovely life but you have to trust him every step of the way. Even when things get hard and emotional. The Lord will give us the desires of our heart. It can me anything we can imagine, even a fabulous closet:)


  1. Luckily, I have not invested that much in my clothes so, it is easy to part with them when they are past their prime:-)

  2. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!

  3. My closet isn't as messy as yours, but, my house is awful! Come help me clean and redecorate my house! LOL! Wonderful blog post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing the scripture, too!

  4. Anonymous21.3.12

    I struggled with the same issue as well and I can completely relate to your sentiment. For the past two weeks, I have spent considerable amount of time in my closet just de-cluttering. Prior to this de-cluttering stage, I spent almost 9 months living out of one suitcase for a number of reasons including: (1) recently graduating; (2) bumming living space in the homes of friends and family; and (3) moving from the East coast to the South and back to the East coast and having to comply with Southwest Airline's 2 free check-in baggage requirement. :) Nevertheless, I thank God for this experience. For 9 months, I had all my clothes in one luggage and when traveling, I kept my shoes & body products in another luggage.

    Having recently moved into a new apartment, I got all of my "stuff" from luggage, only to realize that I had, over a seven year period, accumulated 60+ pair of shoes, 20+ summer dresses, 50+ professional/church/social outfiting dresses, some 20+ pair of jeans, 20+ pair of dress pants, 30+ purses & bags, 40+ belts, and numerous other miscellaneous items including shirts, lingerie and scarfs. Looking back now, my inner-fashionista wonders how I went 9 months living in 1 suitcase. Nevertheless, I thank God for the experience.

    Upon moving, I spent 1 week just unpacking my closet, only to turn around and spend 2 weeks getting rid of HALF of it. Yes, I let go of all the "stuff" I accumulated. Was it difficult? Not as hard as I imagined and here is why.
    1.) God reminded me that there is a mother unable to buy clothes for their growing child due to harsh economic realities that she may be facing. Why keep something that I rarely wear when someone can make good and consistent use of it.
    2.) I admit, I can find a sentimental reason to keep almost anything. That's how I always justify my clutter ("i bought this when I was with so & so," "college memories," "overseas travel," "i wore this when I met XYZ). But then I am reminded that I have pictures where I wore most of these same outfits and the memories can be maintained that way. Why did I have my bright blue high school graduation gown (it's been 8 years & trust me, there will never be a reason to wear it. lol).
    3.) I don't need all that stuff. The excessive amount of shoes, purses, belts, & clothes (which I now call "stuff") adds little to no value to my life. While they sit in my closet & accumulate dust, that same merchandise can be the same source of confidence booster for a young child who faces constant bullying at school or a mother heading to an interview or her first week of work. :)

    I know I just wrote an entire novel but I felt the need to share because this is one area of my life that I was dealing with. Truth be told, I just completed my decluttering just 6 hours ago. :)

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