Whitney Houston Reminds Us Tomorrow is Not Promise

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Whitney Houston.

I wasn't going to talk about Whitney Houston. I really loved her work and even though many of us may not have experienced drug addiction we all have had to overcome some issue in life. I was hoping to see Whitney have a full recovery and I wanted to see her make a comeback. I believe the Lord is able to do whatever is in his will.

But tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us.
I wanted to share some Whitney Houston family pictures I found on the net through my goggle search. I just saw the Grammy highlights on the news, I am happy that LL.Cool J began the Grammy with a prayer. It was sad that many in the audience didnt even know what to do when he said let's start with a prayer. Ladies this just show you how important it is for believers to witness to others.

We have to remind this next generation that the only thing to fill that empty space in your heart is not food, drugs, sex, a mate, fame, fashion or time its just something simple. Jesus. Tomorrow is not promised.
I don't care if you are an executive or a janitor you can take the time to tell everyone in your cirlce about the goodness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Don't assume everyone has heard the good news. Many say this might have been an accidental drowning from being on the drug Zantex which I am told knocks you out. Any way you look at it it was such a sad ending. To die in the bathtub, the reason doesn't really matter.

I am really concern about Whitney's daughter,  Children who grow up their entire life with addicted parents always need help some additional support. I hope Whitney's sibling will reach out to her. She needs people outside the "Hollywood Life" to help her mourn, and get grounded. I pray the Lord will send her some Christian mentors.

I just can't image living with such a powerful singing voice. When the Lord gives you such a gift and people are willing to pay millions of dollars to you and your family for you to just sing. How did that alone effect her family? How did she relate to her siblings? Did they know one another? Where were the parents?  We really just can't relate to the struggles or experiences she had to face. I read she sang beside her mom in nightclubs at a young age but I always thought her mom was a gospel singer but who know maybe she had to pay her bills. Thosse are things you never know the reeality behind the so called glamour.

When money is the number one factor in your existence. Even in her death the music power houses are meeting today trying to decide how they are going to market and take advantage of her fifteen minutes of death. I pray her daughter will get some support because she will now have an inheritance and rumors has it that she is getting a little wild. But as believers we know prayer can change all that. She needs her Christian family members to step up and help.

Here is a touching Jesus moment I noticed, Her first solo performance in the church at age 11 was "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah" and her last performance with singer Kelli Price was "Jesus Love Me." http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/video/news/sky-news/4124486/Whitney-Houston-last-performance.html#ooid=R0Y3RoMzqwt_PVKcJ9P-enW6mc371D64

No matter who you are and how famous your are or are not one day it will be you time to go. Do you know where you will go if you were to die today? Are you sure you will go to heaven? Are you uncertain?

Here is a little prayer:
Jesus, I know I may have asked you into my life. I thought I was your child, but my life hasn't shown the fruit of my belief. Lord I want to be your child, I want to make a real commitment to You as Lord and Master of my life. Amen
 (Read 1 John 5:13)


  1. Anonymous15.2.12

    The title should read "Whitney Houston reminds us tomorrow is not promised", not promise.

  2. courtney6.5.12

    @ anonymous. Out of all that the author wrote, this is what you got out of it? seriously? You could of emailed her and told her that and said something positive.
    come on people, we are not in high school.Lets act and show our age.Be an adult.By the way, great blog.We all truly do miss Whitney.She had her struggles,but she gave so much more.

  3. This is what I was reminded of when Whitney died. I was sad and am still sad but it is a great reminder we are not control of when our time is up.


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