Message From the Lord: Stop the Foolishness

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... Have you heard a message from the Lord?
Well what did you do with it? Did you have faith in the word from the Lord? Did you listen to his will for your life?

Well the Lord speaks to us through his work, his teachers and preachers and through others in the way of their testimony.
Well, I would like to encourage today to stop the FOOLISHNESS. Whatever, excuse or foolishness you have been making as to why you can't get serious about your walk with the Lord. The Lord is not going to put up with all our foolishness for much longer. Its really time for YOUto stop the "okkie doke" and start seeking a mind of Christ.

Enjoy Sister Jeanette utube, I hope the Lord speak to you through her, today. Enjoy because the Lord wants your mind to change. Please share what the Lord has revealed to you after hearing this little "God" message.