I Refuse to Re-Elect President Obama

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... President Obama and why I refuse to re-elect him!

I was shock and angry to hear that President Obama decided to become the "Gay President," after he accepted my vote. I feel cheated and lied to. He used me and other Christians for our vote and now when he is "fearful" of loosing he is now openly "the Gay President."

When I choose to elect an official I expect them to be truthful about the issues they care about. How deceptive to LIE just so you get into office.  That act alone is a character flaw.

YES, He is a liar!!!!

Many of you may say that's just politics, but for Christians shouldn't it be more? Shouldn't we expect more from leaders who call themselves Christians? He said he was a Christian...or did he change his mind or got confused?

I will not make the same mistake twice. I don't know about you. I do realize some women are voting for him because he looks good to the eyes and on paper. My girlfriends all have shared their real reason for voting for him. He is young, Black and educated. He did what everyone say "we" should do and he succeeded.

Well--I guess that's one thought. But then you have to say. I am a Christian, I can't interpet things the same way I did when I was in the world. I am now a young, educated Christian. What is going on with our president we elected. He said this at first and now he is doing this and saying that.

After much debate, My friends and I are determine NOT to re-elect this double talking president. I am NOT about legalizing GAY MARRIAGE. I think homosexuals may need CIVIL UNIONS or CIVIL RIGHTS for medical purpose or when they are on their death bed and they need one to speak up for their health decisions.

I will never vote for GAY MARRIAGE, I am not going to HELL for anyone. I will never allow your gay lifestyle to infringe on my RIGHTS and my RELIGION. I have a problem with it. How dare you try to get my pastor to marry you when its against my religion...its been that way for over 3000 years. I don't see how that can be a law or you can change this basic law of life.

This generation wants to re-label sin as "normal," but the Lord is still on the throne and he needs some followers who are not going to wimp out and sell their soul to the devil just for votes and millions of dollars.

Its sad that his Harvard University education didn't teach him much about Civil Rights because if he and his wife knew any better they wouldn't dare compare the homosexual agenda to those of my forefathers history. But many people say "Power" is such a draw for many people.

For those who may have forgotten and those didn't go to Harvard University, Blacks before the Civil Rights movement were treated like subhuman. I have never heard of homosexuals experiencing anything like those of my ancestors. If they don't compare their plight to the Holocaust then don't compare it to the Civil Rights Movement.

Choosing to have SEX with the same SEX is not a Civil Rights Issue. Stop insulting my ANCESTORS. My ancestors couldn't hide being Black; however, many homosexuals can hide and pretend in certain situations that they are or are not homosexuals. Yes, I do have a gay cousin like everyone, but let be REAL. He knows what is doing and experiencing can not be compared to what grandma and grandpa went through down South. Any person who experience life in the "pre or post Civil Rights Movement era" could not in their right mind make such a comparrison.

African Americans had to face Jim Crow Laws, Ku Klux Klan, Separate But Equal Laws, Literacy Tests to Vote, and many were Sharecroppers who got rip off daily. Black people in American weren't given jobs because of their race. They didn't receive equal pay. They weren't allowed at certain places they had go through the back door, when they went to the stores they couldn't try things on. They had to live on the other side of the railroad track. They could only go to Black Only University, Hospitals, and Doctors. They weren't allowed to go to schools with whites. People treated them like animals. They would be spit on, people would encourage their dogs to attack them, lynched, drag through the streets and fired for any reason. They were locked up or killed if they had children with nonblack people and would have to lie or hide their children.

Yes, I have heard people call homosexuals "fag," "fairy," "twinkle toes," and "sugar." I have seen men walk away and men not wanting to be in the same room as a homosexual male. I have never seen lynching of homosexuals, or homosexuals being attacked. I am not saying it doesn't happen. I am saying I have never seen things where I could campare it to the Civil Rights Movement.  If anything, I have seen homosexuals given more RIGHTS than any other so called oppressed group in America without experiencing much oppression. They have used their financial influence to change policies and now are trying to push their agenda on HETROSEXUALS to influence our churchs and try to change God's doctrine.

My friends and I are reserving our RIGHT to change our mind. We are followers of Christ and we are going to stand up and not elect President Obama because he has changed his mind to support issues of interest to us. I am sadden to see such an educated man sell his soul for a million dollar and a vote. I was reminded of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord was just looking for just ten righteous people who lived there.  He couldn't find one!

Are you going to be ONE, not scared to stand up for what is right? Are you satisfied learning that your President has "changed his mind" and view?

Are you comfortable just supporting President Obama because he is young, black, looks good and have a nice looking family?

Do you really think GAYS are really oppressed like African Americans were during the Civil Rights Movement?

Are you just scared to make a comment? Are you just a complacent Christian? You rather not shake the boat?


  1. If you're willing to make a decision based on one relatively small facet of his platform when the country is facing real, major issues then I'm actually sorry our ancestors fought and died for your right to vote.

    Be careful who you don't think is deserving of rights, it wasn't that long ago where that was us.

  2. Anonymous19.5.12

    I agree with you, I don't plan to vote for him again. He said he would improve student loan debt and home financing.

    I sometimes feel scared to voice my opinion about GAYS because people will say I am being a racist becuase I am against GAY MARRIAGE in my church.

  3. Anonymous21.5.12

    Its a shame that you think 3000 years is enough to bar people from having equal rights. First of all how are you making one sin bigger than the other? What about child molesters and adulterers? Why don't you waste your time on those who actually hurt people?! Its a sin and a shame that you can be so judgmental when it is clear you are not without sin yourself. Get a life lady when this country tanks because you didn't vote don't post anything on your dumb blog complaining! I feel ashamed that people like so quickly forget how we at one point had no rights!

  4. Anonymous23.5.12

    I recommend you read this article. It is a very intelligent and fair article by a Christian about marriage equality.


  5. Anonymous4.6.12

    I am a Christian and I am against GAY Marriage because it will eventually affect me. The children in public schools will be taught that this is a natural human process, being GAY. Its not and I disagree.

    I do think child molester, adulterers,broken families, single motherhood, mental illness, drug abuse, issues with same sex parents, relationships with people who were once in jail who were once victims all has helped spread the mental illness called "HOMOSEXUALITY," Its not natural. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Its a unnatural process. The devil tries to pervert what God meant for good and now you add money and politics and it breeds coruption.

    The only people who tend to disagree are normally gay and we know sin makes ALL of us call wrong right, that doesn't mean its right. As a Christian we can't support leaders who are against the Lord ... and just because President Obama is BLACK we can't just vote him back in...we want people to judge us by our character not our color, so Obama's behavior show he can't be TRUSTED, PERIOD!!!

  6. Anonymous4.6.12

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  7. Each day we get closer and closer to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The proof: if you read about President Obama from his birth, to his election and beyond, we can clearly see a man who is AN antichrist! This is such a very serious matter!

    Biblical prophecy concerning End Time events speaks of such a man, and others who will be predominant in this world. It is a very scary thing if you aren't a Christian because of future events which will be catastrophic first, for the Christian, then for the non believers.

    One very sure sign that we are so very close to the starting of these events is what has happened at the UN within the last 10 years. Twice now, the Muslims have tried to outlaw Christianity world wide!

    Rev 13:7 And it was given to it to war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given to it over every tribe and tongue and nation.

    Sisters I know this was basically about gays, but I just had to take this a few steps further!


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