Are you Scared?

Hey Sisters in Christ,

Its been a long time. I haven't been blogging because first I got several virus on my computer after my last blog and I got several mean emails but you know that is okay.

But I refuse to publish any comments with cursing. This is a Christian blog and you can disagree without using foul langauage. I have standards for my blog.

I found this really cute picture of a lighthouse on my computer. It made me think of a spark or gleam of light. The Lord reminded me that he needs Christian who are serious and will stand up for what is right even when everyone around you disagee.

Just like, the lighthouse purpose is to guide ships safetly to shore. The Lord wants more Christians who are willing to guide the lost to him. We are the light and sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are the only one, the only example.

I have been speaking at several women and mommy groups. You know when the Lord tells you to do something you really have to have FAITH.

FAITH that I will not always know the outcome but I will still trust that the Lord will work it out. You have to have faith like a little, small mustard seed. Faith that the Lord who made the blind see and the lame walk can handle your little dreams and desires.

Ladies what have the Lord been telling you to do or say but you are too SCARED to trust him that he will see you through? What ministry or project is the Lord telling you shine your light or gift on.

God Bless! Your best is yet to come.

Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God."