FASHION BREAK: Shoe Shopping

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...SHOES!
Yes ladies, I enjoy shopping for shoes; however, as I have gotten older I do not want to spend my money on high end merchandise. Here is my latest find from ROSS. I got this for only $10 from North Carolina. Maybe the ladies in the south don't like platforms.

Ohhhh they are so cute. It was a winner for me, lol. I wear it with my cute straight sun dress and I also wear it with my skirt and sweater. I even where it to church with my Fedora hat. It goes with everything.

Who said Christian ladies had to dress frumpy or homey. I am a Christian Fashionista with out everything falling out in the front.Do you have a cute summer bargain you want to share or have you created a cute modern Christian women look?


  1. I am a wedge fan myself. Great shoes at a great price. I'll have to check out Ross.

  2. I was just watching BBC TV and they say that UK women wear the highest heels in Europe - I know I wear my heels with pride at my local church and I see some amazing stilettos in the front pews LOL


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