Frumps to Pumps Sarah Mae's Challenge

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Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about..Frumpy to Pumps.

Its summer time and I am always looking for quick summer reads. This ebook by Sarah Mae promise to be a great read that will change you and your relationship with your husband.

Move away from the computer and look in the mirror, right now.How are you looking right? Be honest, is your hair a mess, do you look dirty or frumpy? Do you have on clean clothes? How about your shoes?

I know some Christian women feel once you get save you ignore the outer appearance. Oh I don't follow this belief at all. I don't obsess about my appearance but I look good all the time. Men are visual and my husband likes for me to look good or should I say cute. We have been happily married for over 10 years.

Grandma said you look good to catch him and keep looking that way to keep him.
She said "NO housecoat." For you young ladies that means no frumpy night gowns, sweat pants, ugly robes. In the old days women wore those house dresses that were quite ugly.

If you have fallen into a funk and need to change the book has a 30 Day challenge. The author reminds us not to neglect the little things. Little things matters. Your first impression matters at home and in the world. Your witness or testimony doesn't come off  in a positive way sometimes by the way you look or carry yourself. If you are truly blessed then I can tell by the little things.

This book is going to change your attitude about yourself. The author wants to motivate you to change and make a difference. Ladies lets be honest, when you look good you feel good. Your attitude changes when you feel good. You act differently. You even walk differently.

Let’s get dressed, together. I challenge you to pull out your pumps. The book doesn't say you have to put on pumps its symbolic for the change in your attitude and appearance. But see how you act more like a lady in your heels.

According to Mae, "the goal is to feel good, to get dressed, be more productive, and enjoy your days more." Personally I already have my power "wedges."

If you want to join the challenge, go ahead and get the eBook for FREE or purchase it on Amazon for your Kindle. What are you waiting for? Let’s get dressed!