Staci Lattisaw Journey to the Lord

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Staci Lattisaw.
She was a young pop star at age 12 and she walked away at the height of her fame.

Imagine being famous in middle school and how much your life would have changed both negatively and positively.

Imagine, your parents being your managers and having to tell them that you no longer want to sing and make money.

I want to interview her personally, but since I haven't gotten a chance I will share an interview I found on the net.

When the Lord called Staci she had to stop and drop to her knees. Her life was no longer the same and she had to be bold and make some moves.

Check out the interview below, as you listen I want you to answer the question. Are you listening to the Lord's plan in your life or are you listening to man? If the Lord have told you to make a move in your life...what is stopping you?

Please share your thoughts.