Everyone Has A Gift


Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ... Everyone Has A Gift.
The Lord seems to bless us all with a unique gift but it seem like very few of us recognize it when we
are young but many over the age of 20 are always trying to discover or find their purpose in life. And there are even some in their senior years who still haven't figure out their purpose.

Imagine, my gift is different from every one of my blog followers and theirs from mine. But God
has given everyone of a us a purpose he needs us to accomplish to help his kingdom.

Yesterday I was chatting with some friends at our "Annual 30 Minute Divine Soiree"  (a.k.a. dessert at a friends house on China, lol. We try to add a little excitement to our get-togethers). We pose the question if you had enough money to live a nice lifestyle would you sell your home and just relocate
to another country like the people on House Hunters International the HGTV series?

What would you be doing if you got enough money to support your family? What would you love to do even if you didn't get paid? Do you know your gifts and talent? Are you operating in that area? Why or Why not?

I don't have the gift to sing. I think I have the gift in the shower, lol. But I do have other gifts which I thank the Lord for daily. Today I want to remind you that your gifts and talents were not given to you so you hold it to yourself.

If you are seeking your life purpose take a moment and pray to the Lord so he can reveal his deisre
for your life. Our God is so Amazing he can give "little ole you the desire of your heart." Wow, now
that is soooooooooooooo very awesome!

Be A Blessing Today.
Enjoy the video about from a Christian South African Singer.


  1. So true. I feel my gift is writing/blogging...Now if it would just pay the bills! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design. I'm now following you. xo


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