Gabby Douglass: Can You Become Great, Too?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Can You Become Great, Too?

Imagine, the Olympic athletes train for years for the opportunity every four years to show how great they really are among other athletes in the world. Gymnist train a little longer and they are forced to give up so much of their childhood and family life for just the opportunity to get on the U.S. Olympic Team.
Let me just tell you, I was so happy to see Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglass win a GOLD medal not because she is the first African-American woman to do so in the All- Around, but because she was not the favorite. For some reason all the announcers wanted as many of the ladies from the previous Olympic to be on this years team. But life never works like that. Gabby wasn't well known to many in the public, she was young and no one really knew her name. But God always use people no one ever want to consider.

During the Olympic trials the announcer was so negative before Gabby would take her turn. He pointed out that she was young, inexperienced, couldn't handle the pressure or that she normally "doesn't do this very well."  He was "negative Nell." I was thinking why is this man being so mean. I hope that Gabby wasn't watching television. SHe did her thing and won the spot on the team.

The annoucer asked her what she did to prepare for the event. She innocently said that she spent time in her room reading her scripture and talking to God. Did anyone miss that? While the haters were counting her out. She was in her room in the presence of the Lord.

Many people want to become great. They may even want fame and fortune. But until one understands WHO makes them great then they really miss the point.

Let me break it down, Psalms 8 says:  Lord, our Lord how majestic is you name in the whole earth. You made your glory higher than the heavens. The Lord is so great & powerful. There is NOTHING impossible for God. Imagine, He made you and me. He knows everything about us even when we were inside our mother's womb. He knows our dreams and desires.

He has plans for our life. Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us, I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and hope.

God controls our life, he brings people in our path, give us opportunities, challenges and resources. He gives you dreams, desires and expectations. Every person has potential. Not everyone move forward in their potential.

God gives us all the opportunity to grow but some of us make excuses, feel there is no room for improvement and are scared to ask the Lord for what we really want.

The Lord wants you to succeed and become great but you have to make sure you are not getting in the way with our feelings of negative self talk, constant comparison to others, fear of disappointment, fear of failure, and laziness.

The Lord is waiting for you. He is waiting for you to ask him to help you shake off ALL those things that are stopping you from making your name great. You can not reach your potential alone. It will not happen, you control nothing. You have to lean on the Lord with your strength and abilities if you wan to reach your goals. You need to ask HIM for help.