Answers to Prayers

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Prayer.

The bible reminds us that the prayer of the righteous avail much. Then, Why is it so hard for Christians to pray? How often do you talk to God? I mean really talk to him? Not just rote prayers.
If we believe the Lord is so mighty then why cant he answer our prayers? Why do we pray with doubt in our hearts?

Is anything impossible for God?

Of course not. Our Lord has create the seasons, planets, earth, etc. The Lord is so awesome...imagine he created you. Why do you think he can not help you with your issues?

The Lord can heal your bad temper, marriage situation, your negative self image, he can remove that Cancer, disease or heal you from that operation your going to have. If your on a transplant list guest what he can lay out the plan so that you can be blessed with an organ.

There isn't anything too hard for the Lord. We are the ones who say we believe in the power of the Lord, however when situations arise then we let the enemy bring doubt in our mind and then we begin to question the Lord.

Today, operate as though the Lord is going to answer your prayer. Stop speaking negatively about your life. Stop referring to yourself with your disease title. Stop seeing the impossible, when everything is possible with the Lord.

Today praise and thank the Lord for being awesome. Thank him now for the break through you are going to have in the near future. When you pray believe He will answer all your prayers today.