Can Christians Be Fashionable?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Fashion for Modern Christian Women.

I love clothes, shoes and jewelry. Can Christian women really be fashionable without being worldly?

I have been trying to clean out my closet and organize my wardrobe. I had to throw away and donate so much things because either it wasn't modest/church worthy or just plain ugly.

Have you ever went through your closet and wondered what in the world was I thinking?

I had a few ugly Christmas sweaters, satin shoes, double belts and even a Michael Jackson glove, lol.

As we age, we want to still maintain our inner DIVA. Well, I do. I don't know about other Christian women; however, I think of myself as a modern Christian. I love fashion and I am trying to incorporate the fact that I am a Christian into my style. I want to look cute and fashionable.

If I had a million dollar I would come out with my own cute fashion line.

I don't want to be a "scary & frumpy" Christian woman, no not me. I love the way some ladies like Joyce Myers dress. Here is what I wore today what do you think, how would you change it?

Here is my gray and black outfit. I wore this to work. The pink sweater and skirt, I wore the day before. I love wearing boots.

Please share your ideas on how I can glam up these looks. I alsowear these looks to bible study too.


  1. There is nothing wrong with being fashionable and cute. I LOVE the way Joyce Meyers dresses - some years ago she was advised that she looked too frumpy and she changed her style. As far as your outfit above - you really don't need the cardigan. It is a gorgeous color though.

  2. Add jewelry, scarves, a bright colored jacket, vest, or sweater like you have on in the one picture. Jewelry really jazzes up an outfit.
    Yes, Christian woman can dress modestly and look like a million bucks!

  3. Being modest doesn't ever have to mean being frumpy! Incorporating color, print and of course lots of accessories can add a lot of visual interest to your basics. Always pay attention to fit, and don't be afraid to accent your waist.

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