Innocent or Guilty: Does Bishop Trotter Picture Tell it All?

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Innocent or Guilty? Does Bishop Trotter Picture Tell it All?

Do you think this is a cute  picture?

Or does it make you uneasy?

When I first glance at my email I was like oh how cute. Then I looked again and said what in the world is going on? Why is this old man in the tub with this baby girl?

Then I wondered am I getting to sensitive because of all the perverted things going on in society?

I don't know about anyone else but I have become very sensitive when I see a man walking alone with a child which may not look like him. I sometimes tell myself oh maybe they are adopted. I do pay attention to the adult and child interaction in the stores.

I have begun to glance at those Missing/Wanted Ads at Walmart. I never see ads on the milk containers anymore but I will read a sign.

Don't we need to be careful? Shouldn't we more sensitive when it comes to innocent children? Imagine, for decades many women allowed priest to some into their homes and speak to their children alone, many children went on trips with coaches, children were exposed to babysitter relatives who wanted to harm the children without adults even noticing?  Shouldn't we always have our guards up so we can protect the children?

When we watch the news, read Missing ads, and watch out for Amber Alerts we are helping to protect an innocent child. We hear all the time about terrible thing happening to children. I think people just want to protect the little ones.

Bishop Trotter of Chicago was upset because people on the Internet accused him of wrong doings. His daughter thought it was a cute picture and put it on Instagram. Unfortunately a few months ago the  photo of him and his granddaughter taking a bubble bath went viral.

According to reports, "The preacher called the John Hannah Morning Show to defend himself, the  International Business News reported. Trotter was horrified that people “called [him] everything from a child molester to a pedophile, to a nasty old man” after a photo of him and his four-year-old granddaughter appeared on Instagram. He said his family came to visit him at his home. His granddaughter saw him in the tub and after begging to get in with her “Popo”, her mother put her in swim trunks, Trotter put on his trunks and they enjoyed the bath. The child’s mother snapped the photo and another family member posted it to his Instagram."  The senior preacher at Sweet Holy Spirit Church defended his actions as completely innocent, saying:
“I know some people have never bathed with their kids, but when I was growing up we shared bathwater.”
Trotter said he was shocked that people had been so nasty about the photo and that the public outcry—with some going as far as demanding child protective services get involved—has hurt his family. He’s since suspended his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

But in this day and age we as a society have to sensitive because  there are many who DO seek to steal, kill and destroy our next generation of children. The Bishop's daughter should have known better or maybe she should have emailed the picture to her family but it didn't look good to me and if I was their relative I would have asked questions. The Bishop needs to realize time has changed no grown man better be sharing bathwater at the same time with a child. Yes, we have to be careful with the with our actions. The Bible tells us to stay away from anything that has the appearance of evil and this picture really doesn't look good.




  1. You're an idiot; a dangerous idiot. The good new is that in all this time, no one has started paying you any attention.


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