Join The Fun: An Online Blog Party

Sisters, come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY!
This is a getting to know you party, so come on in enjoy a cup of tea. I love tea it is very calming.
Inspiring Sister is about REAL Christian women sharing their concerns and struggles living in a modern world while holding on to ones Christian values. I hope our readers can relate in some manner. I hope readers feel free to think, laugh and learn something new about the Lord and how he still cares about the issues some modern women face.

If you want to win a prize the visit:

I have been blogging for years. I am a Christian author, businesswoman, speaker, blogger, wife and mom. I travel often and take part in mission activities all over the world. I am active in women and marriage ministries as well as just teach the bible. I have taught a few online bible studies and for my church.

I hope I was able to make you fee comfortable with me, now its time for you to tell me about you!

Who are you?

Live Events

Come hangout with Sistergirl on Tuesday, April 9th TWITTER at 8:30pm and at the Google + Hangout at 9pm Eastern.

The live events are loaded with prizes and top notch bloggers and writers who will be stopping by to party with us!" >
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