Why are Christians Hated?

Sisters, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Why Are Christians Hated?

Well, I know why because of the word of God. But, I will pretend I don't.

Have you noticed that in the last ten years the attitudes towards Christians has turned quite negative.
Its been so bad that many Christians are now hiding that they are Christians especially at work as a way not to offend others. So sad. I think that is denying the Lord like Judas did.

I don't know why there has been an increase in hatred towards people of God. It's really unfair. But the word reminds us that in the last days we would see all type of things. Many are o fearful in some circles that they rather lie or change the subject than say they are a Christian. Of course you all know that is wrong. The Lords last words to use reminds us to go out and spread the gospel to ALL nations. The Lord knew things would and are going to get worst. Attitudes are going to change and we will all have to take a stand.

So I thought it was so weird that I got this email of Scott Stantis, cartoon in the Chicago Tribune.
I thought it was weird because I thought the same dialogue in my head. Then it was odd to hear some in the media try to defend how they did cover Tim Tibbow. Unfortunately, many forgot how they covered the young man by clowning him and seeking something negative in his life. As Christians we need to take the time to encourage and build up Christians who are doing the right thing because the world won't.

Have a blessed day!