6 Week Club: Week 2-Finding Balance in Your Journey of Weight Loss

Sisters, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Finding Balance in Your Weight Loss Journey.

I have just begun my weight loss journey and I already have people trying to pulling me back to my old habits. It may not be on purpose but it always seem like when I am trying to change my food habits someone or something ALWAYS tries to tempt me.

REALLY! Yesterday it was the big chocolate cake someone brought. I am not going to say any names; however, I have informed everyone I know that I am in the 6 Weeks Club so why would people around me all of a sudden crave chocolate. They haven't crave it for the last month or two.

How do you find balance in your weight loss program? I am trying not to get on every ones nerve around me but I am on a mission. I know I can't stay in the house for the next 6 weeks and not eat.
I would like to because I need to lose this weight.

Any time I say I am not eating this or that people look at me like I am crazy. I don't make them feel bad because they eat pork or anything else but they seem to try to throw those things I say I don't want my way. The only reason I said anything about my food change is because I didn't want people to waste their money buying certain products. Now, I just feel like avoiding everyone because they are not respecting my weight loss goals.

I can't stay away from all social events this summer. Even though I secretly want to because I feel very focused. How can I enjoy my self at all these events? How can socialize with out breaking my goal? How can I find a happy balance? I have been invited to several barbecues, potlucks, birthday parties, brunch and garden parties.

I want to go but I know these events focus on the food. People some times get offended when you just drink water at their events even though its really none of their business. How can I stay on my health challenge, socialize and keep my weight down? How, how, how?

I was feeling so down because I didn't eat the chocolate cake but I did eat a keychain Frosty. Yes, my friend ordered one in the drive thru and the cashier said let me give you another since its the two of you. This only happens when you are trying to lose weight. No one forced me but I drank the Frosty.

Well the Lord sent me a very inspiring message from Pastor Francis Chan. I wish his church was located in my area. Check out his sermon on finding balance. I thought about his sermon with my food issue as a metaphor.

I feel like I am on this balance beam with salad on one side and a chocolate cake on the other. I have increased my water intake. I hope to flush out all that sugar and fat in my frosty, lol. You may not have a weight issue but you are dealing with something that is a struggle or you are trying to find some type of balance in your life.

Take a moment and check out how the Lord blessed me.


  1. I completely understand, in theory, the concept of finding balance with relationship to foods. But, in actuality, the deeper emotional connection to certain foods gets in the way.

    Sue xo

  2. in the midst of finding balance as well ... a few pounds snuck up on my hubby and I. ... Delighted to meet you.

    I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip my toes into some serious momma goodness.

    Your words splash me with encouragement. I would be honored to have you splash some other mommas as well. This post (or another fave) would be such a blessing to share. Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.

    I jot a few notes on Monday, but its a jump in whenever you can melody. We get the filled to the brim momma schedules.



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