6 Week Club: A Refreshing Treat

Welcome, Welcome Welcome!!!

Please take a moment and check out my blog. Here at Inspiring Sisters we are embarking on a 6 Week Challenge to make our Christian life better by making a few changes.

We are choosing one thing we need to change and improve in our life. Some readers are changing their weight, their walk with the Lord or just cleaning their house.

We want to improve the little things in our life so we can be a testimony to the Lord.

I have been trying to improve my health and fitness. It has really been a challenge. I have a refreshing recipe to share which one can drink after their workout. I also enjoy eating the cucumber so I think that is why I love this drink.

You will need: 8 slices of cucumber, 2 sprig of mint, water or sparkling water, guava nectar, lime and sugar to taste. Mix everything together and add ice. I love it because it keeps me away from sodas.

I also ate this with my breakfast of egg whites and crackers. I think this drink really can go with any meal. When you add the sugar it makes it a great sweet drink.

I want to share the exercise I did this morning. I comes from Peak313 Fitness blog. I have always found floor exercises to be very effective.

I will complete again before my bedtime. Let me know your exercise routine or share a healthy recipe.