6 Week Club: Hump Day with Mandisa

Sisters, Come on in and grab your water. We are going to spend hump day with Superstar Mandisa.
Oh yes, the Lord didn't just make you accidently stop by this blog.

He wants you get up and workout. You don't have to make excuses. It will take less than 10 minutes. What's the sense in looking beautiful on the outside while your body is out of wack or tune on the inside. When you lose your health its hard to get back.

Okay, I know your ready, Hit the arrow below or link and let me know how you enjoyed the workout.

Today make sure you pray to Lord about our journey. We want to submit to HIS will in our life as it relates to your health. Pray that the Lord will give you the strength to do what you need to do to lose your weight. You have to submit to the Lord and be obedient to him.

We are going to remain positive and trust that everything is going to change for the better with your health.

Do not forget to drink your water, eat a fruit and move for at least 30 minutes. Stay away from salty snacks  and do your sit us. Enjoy your day.