Wordless Sunday for Trayvon Martin Family

Sisters, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Wordless Sunday for Trayvon Martin's Family. Everyone has an opinion about the verdict. But take a moment and look at it from a mothers perspective. Her child is gone. Take a moment and examine the picture.

Did you really look at the picture?

In art there is a concept called "art talk" where you look at a picture and discuss how it makes you feel. The goal is to encourage discussion.
What do you think the subject is thinking?
Why is the subject hugging the picture?
Who is in the picture?
What happened to him?
What do you think he is thinking?

I want to know your thoughts on the issue? 
Several people sent me this picture. I don't even know the name of the photographer. But it must have touched the hearts of many because it was everywhere. On my Instagram, cell phone and on my various social media sites. Its obvious that it touched a nerve of many. Only God and Zimmerman know what real happened but when I look at the picture I see a sad mother. I feel her pain.

Unfortunately, many African-American mother of a sons-- understands that look in her eyes.
The pain in her eyes. Her face has so many questions.

I hate how the media talked bad about him. The girls in Cleveland who were held in the basement. No one dear question why they would accept a ride from a stranger. That would be seen
as cold hearted.

Trayvon Martin was talked about in the court of public opinion. Some like my coworkers seem to celebrate his death. They felt the shooting was justifiable. That alone concerns me as a Christian mom. Its so sad on so many levels. Its sad that dogs have more rights and respect in America more than Black males/teens in particular.

I really don't even understand this deep seeded hate for African American males. I don't know where this comes from? Maybe, I am just too young. Its soooo sad to me. The bible reminds us that if you leave hate uncheck it can lead to death. I don't know what Jesus would tell us to tell this mom?

Changing Hearts was the subject of my Pastor's sermon. However, he couldn't get through the sermon. He just paused after saying the name Trayvon Martin and cried.

He cried.

A grown man crying about the plight of a young Black male in America. I just felt helpless and sad.
Maybe that is how his mom is feeling in the picture above. This past week was also sad too because
some of my male coworkers were anticipating the verdict and had lots of jokes. They were waiting to celebrate the verdict so I know Monday morning I may feel helpless and sad too.

I think sometimes its  just good not to say a WORD... WORDLESS. Because some words just don't penetrate the hearts of some people. I know if this case was the same but it was a white teen killed by a black man I would still feel the same way. Outrage!!!! I would be angry that a life was just taken over foolishness.

I would ask the same questions, Why was this "creepy" man following this teen? Just because you can follow people, normal people don't do that. That is considered "creepy" aka "sex offender like" behavior. I never lived in Florida so I am unaware of the cultural Mores there but the entire case is still so strange. I never seen Neighborhood Watch people who acted like that...he was not even security.

What would Jesus do?

I think he would try to solve the issue of race one person or mom at a time. No one likes to talk about these things because there is so much generation of suppression of feelings. But you have to say something and make the first step. Even if you do something SMALL.

Well, what can you do in your circle of influence? Here are some small things you can do to personally address race relations in your life. You can:

1. Pray and ask the Lord to let you be open to meeting people who don't look like you.
2. Read a blog by someone of another race who shares your interest. Leave a comment.
3. Small talk with a person who doesn't look like you in the grocery line.
4. Wave to your neighbor who doesn't look like you.
5. Talk to someone at church who doesn't look like you.
6. Do business or go to a doctor who doesn't look like you.
7.Shop in a store in a more diverse area. (I meet lots of folks at Walmart, lol).

When you pray #1 the Lord will open doors and give you opportunities. Ladies we don't want to go into 2014 the same, its time for us to make little changes in our life that can affect a generation.

My testimony: I live in a diverse neighborhood. My neighbor on my left is from Korea and my neighbor on my right is from  Ethiopia. The lady across the street is from Nigeria and two houses down is a white Lutheran American couple from Wisconsin. At the end of the Block is four African American and one Mexican family. On the opposite end of the block two families are from the Russia. Behind me lives an Indian family and everyone else is white Catholic.

Three years ago no one in my neighborhood spoke to one another. The Lord told me to start waving at my neighbors. At first I was just waving to myself. Then one day someone waved back. That is how it started by a simple wave.

Now, we even have an annual block party. People talk to one another and even visit each others home. I am very proud I made a small difference in the life of my neighbors.  You too can make a difference with race relations.

I would hate if one of my neighbors died in the house and no one noticed. I think Moms will be the ones to make the changes in race relations in America. When mom get tired of things then everyone listens. Working moms help start the day care industry. Moms have the power for change.

How about you?

I am talking to all moms. Working, SAHM and homeschooling moms, I am curious to know--what do you teach your children about race at home? Do you keep your children in homogenous groups?
How does their swim team, cheerleading club, dance team, sports team look? why? (I doesn't have anything to do with the area you live in--does the club you belong to make people feel warm?)
When your child gets a certain age do you think they are too old to have friends of a certain race?
Do you worship with people who do not look like you?  Does your family interact with other races of people on your same economic level? If you interact with people who do not look like you. Do you make racial comments when they leave the room?Are your children afraid of people who do not look like them? Why? (Be honest)

I think prejudice breeds in isolation. I hope this case will encourage open intelligent dialog about race relations in this country. I never read in the bible that heaven will be segregated.


  1. Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY

I hope Christian women will step up to the plate and become the change we want to see. Christians have to stand up and make a difference to this dying world. God Bless and have a great wordless Sunday!!

Please let me know your thought even if you disagree. I encourage everyone to leave a comment. This is not an isolated incident. Her is another: