Are You Worried About What Others Think?


Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ...Are You Worried About What Others Think?

I know my regular Christian "holy girls" are going to ask me why in the world did I put Beyoncé
on my blog.

Well, her hairstyle made me proud in a way. As Christian women we sometimes don't take a stand like we should.

We sometimes care more about our position in church, our family status and how others will look or think about us. Yes, I know Beyoncé may need a few of us to come knock on her door so we can come by and tell her about Jesus; however, I feel I can use her hair as an object lesson right now, lol.

I don't understand what the big deal was about someone cutting their hair but then again Beyoncé is a superstar in popular culture, so more people care about her hair than mine.

It is really not important the reason for the change. I may have been the fact that her hair got caught in a fan and the security guard may have cut more than he should have. If you have ever worn weave, you know her read hair was under the weave.

I love the fact that Beyoncé just decided to do what she wanted to do with her look. It is not always easy being different and going against the grain. Many men and women feel long hair is more girly. Some feel without the blonde hair her whole sex appeal will disappear.

I am transitioning my hair, I was too scared to take the big chop; however, when I saw this Instagram pic I was like yeah Beyoncé, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!

You  have to admit it, that takes guts. Do what you want to do in life as long as it doesn't go against the word of the Lord. It takes guts to take charge of your life.

How about you?

Have the Lord told you to do something in your life but you won't take the next step because you are worried about what others may think?  That is bondage.

Trusting God, means we have to take a chance. Your issue may not be your hair but there is something the Lord is trying to work on you with. He may have told you to write that book, start that business, or buy that dress. When the Lord whispers ideas in our ears sometimes we have to trust him and take a chance--do it even though there is a possibility that others will be upset.

Today Sisters, Remember: Success is all about taking chances and trusting God. People are going to always have something to say.


  1. Great post. I recently chopped my hair for the first time in 40 years and am loving it.
    HOpe you go through the change and thank you for visiting my blog last month. Sorry it has taken me so long to pay back a visit.

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