Is Your Clothes a Curse?

Sisters in Christ, Let's talking about Is Your Clothes a Curse? Does that even make sense?

I've been trying to organize my small closet all summer long. To be honest, It has not been an easy process for me because I have more clothes that can fit in this closet. I have too many outfits. I have had to learn to throw away and donate all summer long. The truth is I didn't even like many of my pieces.

Decreasing my collection has been hard, ladies---I am serious.

I dream of a large walk in closet. However, I think the Lord knows best because a walk in closet would really be a curse for me right now. I am still learning how to get rid of and throw away. I love looking cute and fabulous. I'm a plus size girl and finding cute designer outfits is truly not a problem.

To resolve my issue I have put myself on a "clothes diet" I am only allowed to shop at outlets, thrift store and upscaling my fashion. My first day at the thrift store I had to use control because I almost left with 5 new shoes. I even found a $10 pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats in great shape. I had to say no because I don't want to start a thrift store addiction. My number one rule is I can't to a thrift store until I bring a donate a bag.

I thought I was the only person who had issue with clothes until the Lord led me to share with a co-worker that I was in a season of cleaning out my closet and throwing away. My co-worker shared that she thinks her clothes purchase maybe an addiction. She has to shop every day and when she does she feels better. I never heard anyone refer to cloth shopping as a real addiction. I am not sure if its in the same category as horders but she showed me her neat pack closet. She said her clothes were all over the house and it was now becoming an issue for her husband.

I think if something your doing is beginning to affect others and stopping you have having a healthy life it may be a problem. She was really ashame and started to cry. She pointed out, no one talks about excessive clothes. She knows its a problem and didn't know where to start to solve the problem.

I am not a psychologist, but I do know the greatest psychologist. So we prayed.

I've been going on and on about my closet; however, I never realize that some of you maybe going through the opposite. If you are feeling like your desire for clothes is becoming a type of curse. I want toencourage you to stop and pray.

Pray. Let the Lord know how you are feeling. Ask him to help you know where to start. Ask the Lord to help you take away the desire to shop. Ask the Lord to teach you to be satisfied with what you have. Ask the Lord to help you be creative with the things you have in your closet. Everything we do in life does have a root cause so I think its important to go to the one who created the root. Ask the Lord to reveal your real issue.

Upscaling Fashion teaches you to recycle and be creative with what you have. I love the mission of  Dress for Success where low income and homeless women are able to get a nice dress or suit for their job interviews. I felt good being able to donate some of my Jones of New York Suits to them.
Sometimes when we pay a lot of money for an outfit it makes it hard to donate. When you send it to great organization that is really going to make the difference in another woman's life it makes you feel very good. I want to encourage everyone to GIVE.

For those of you who want to make a change to your clothes collection. Here are some cute ideas I found on the net. If you have some great closet ideas for small space, please share:
My Closet


  1. Hello Sistergirl. Your blog is indeed inspirational. I too am a lover of Christ and the world of fashion and style.


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