Children of UnWed Moms Rejected in Church

Sisters in Christ, Come on in and grab a cup of tea. Let's talk about ... Children of Unweb Mothers Rejected in Church.

One would think a prayer of blessing over the life of ones child is a simple, free outward expression of giving your child's life back into the hands of the Lord. Isn't hat the desire of all Christian mothers?
Didn't Jesus come to help the common man?

No, This is not the reality for undweb moms at Superstar Gospel Singer and Senior Pastor Marvin Winans church.

Let me use my imagination for a second, I can just imagine Pastor Winans, he is talking like one of his movie character Pastor he has played: "Let me make it clear, MY church is only for dignified married folks. We do not want to see unwed mothers at the ALTER of  GU OOOOOOO D!" 
Did someone forget to tell Pastor Winans that praying for those lower income and uweb mothers is part of the job description? What would the Lord think about Pastor Winans a superstar praying for a common women with a modern day Scarlet Letter.

Charity Grace, a 39 year old new member of his church was surprise by the rule and policy of not blessing children born out wedlock in front of the congregation. She told a FOX AFFILIATE that she so ashame that her 2 year old son Joshua would not be allowed to be a part of the church Blessing Service.

Single mom: Son born out of wedlock snubbed by Winans' church (VIDEO):

Do we really want to discourage new saints? This story brings to life the problem of many of these new denominations who are part of the "name-it, claim it" independent ministries. These pastors who call themselves to the pulpit, see church as a their personal business, a get their degrees from some mail order school where they actually do not read the bible.

Unwed mothers isn't a new issue in the church. For generations some denominations such as Puritans and Catholic Churches had specific rules about the participation of unwed mothers in their churches. Many restricted these young girls from participating in youth groups.

In many African-American churches unwed teens were sent down south and encouraged to put their children up for adoption to a family member or a Christian or "legitimate" family. Today more and more churches are trying to embrace unwed mothers because they realize these young ladies chose not to abort their babies even though health departments and school officials encourage many of them to abort and live their lives.
There are few scriptures referring to unwed mothers. However, I didn't find any that condone modern day "shunning. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

It is not fair to the children to treat them badly because of the sin of their mothers. It reminds me of the literature book the Scarlet Letter. The bible does speak about all Christians who sin and continue to sin.

In America alone there are 13 million unwed mothers. There is now a rise in older women choosing to be unwed mothers because of difficulty finding suitable mates. We know the Lord's ideal plan for our life is for women to remain virgins and marry the right Christian man. However, because we live in a fallen world this is not the story of many women. As Christians we have to be sensitive to the reason why many women are unwed without accepting the sin.

Many single moms come from a generation of single moms. How do we teach these women to break the cycle if not in the church? If you were never married how do you teach your daughter how to become married? How do you groom your daughter to be marriage material? Studies show that half of the unwed mothers come from low-income areas.

There is a real need for the church to embrace Unwed mothers because unlike the world we can make a difference to their children. Currently, seventy-eight percent of our prison population came from a single parent home. Young men who have to take on manly duties of providing for their families at young ages. Almost fifty percent of the single parent homes have some form of abuse. 

We can not tell teens to keep their babies and then shun them when they do. Why in the world would a Christian teenager keep their children? That is why twenty-two percent of all pregnancies today end in abortion? The embarrassment of having an abortion in societies eyes is that it was not that big of a deal. There is a need for Christian Women to start encouraging "unwed" mother ministries. We need women not to use their mouth to gossip and condemn unwed mothers. We know there are many teens who are sexuality abuse and the child is a result of the abuse. We need more Christian women standing up for the voiceless.

What would Jesus Do? The Lord expect believers to repent of sin, pray to Him, listen to HIS voice through reading scripture, trust in the Lord for forgiveness, lean on the Lord for strength in trials, and put your hope in eternal life. We need to read the word of the Lord so we can understanding its meaning.

I hope that more churches will continue to love the sinner without embracing the sin. This is possible. The sad thing is that this issue will negatively affect the child.



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