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Christian Women Fashion

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Hi Sisters in Christ, today we will talk about Christian Women Fashion.

I am not talking about traditional church clothes. Don't get me wrong I LOVE wearing hats, gloves and suits. However, I know most church ladies are moving away from traditional church clothes but I am still trying to hold on, lol.

I am talking about last night's Twitter Party. We had fun so today, I wanted to talk about clothes.

If you are a biblical scholars, you may feel outraged by this "simple" subject. The fact is we need to wear clothes, yes we be modest, lol. Clothing is a real issue for some Christian women so we just can't ignore fashion.

There is nothing wrong being a Christian who enjoy fashionable outfits. You need to make sure you are spending within your means and that you are not worshipping your outfits.

MoMoMod Blogger
If you are a Christian women who likes to complain about all
the inappropriate clothes in the market I want you to do something about it. We forget we serve a mighty God. We are not powerless. We can encourage young Christian to consider
a career in the Fashion Industry. We can write letters to store mangers, advertisers and magazines about offensive clothes.
We can just say no to family members who may want inappropriate outfits.

We should also write thank you letters to designers who take
the time to design appropriate merchandise. Pat those on the back for doing the right thing.

Fashion is dictated by the designer.  The sad thing is many of
the male designers seem to find a 12 year old body desirable. Only a certain type of man will find masculine attributes desirable in a woman. These type of men will never honor the curves of a real woman. They tend not to design for "real" women. They will really have difficulty designing for a plus size woman.

I am happy to see things are changing in both the secular and Christian fashion industry. The Plus size market is really improving. There are more and more stylist clothes made to fit real women bodies. There are new exciting designers and more women who are fed up are creating their own new markets.

It is funny because women use to make their own things back in the day. There are women in my church who have been making dresses and hats for years. You can show them a picture and they can copy it without a pattern.

Curvy Girl Chic Blogger
The Christian Fashion Fund is a non-profit
fund created for the purpose of financing the
entire fashion lines of new designers who want
to create modest clothing.

Christian Fashion week will be held
February 2-8, 2014.

There are more and more Christian moms refusing to buy clothes that are inappropriate for their young girls. There is a hunger for appropriate dresses for church and weekend that are not too sexy and revealing for you 10 year old.

Many women once they become married seek stylist clothes that are tailored and made from great material that are not too revealing. There are curvy fashionista all over the world seeking great fashion. My cousin has to fly to the U.S. from Canada to go clothes shopping. I mean that is ashame.

Lady of Style Blogger

Women are writing, tweeting, blogging and complaining to all their BFF's about their desire for appropriate stylist fashion but the market is slowly coming around.

If you love clothes before you were saved, guess what, your still going to love clothes. You will naturally realize that your fashion needs to promote light or modesty and the Lord.

Glow Koture Style Blogger

Former Victoria Secret model, Kylie Bisutti, 23year old, stunned the fashion industry when she chose faith over fame and started a Christian clothing line called God Inspired or GI. Her clothing line is more casual and focus on having scriptures on tops and jeans. But there are other Christian designers trying to focus on more mainstream apparel.

Chic on the Cheap


If you are a plus size lady there are more and more options for
stylist outfits. There several e-retailers online and more plus
size fashion magazines. If you seek to "step" your fashion game
up their are so many more options. Even department stores are
changing their inventory to more modern styles.

Its hard to find cute, stylist and modest wear. Many women
even redesign thrift store finds. There is a desire for more stylist fashions that even plus size Christian women can wear.

Please take a moment and check out some modest styles I found on the net. Not all of these style bloggers are Christian women but I think their style can work for modern Christian women.




  1. I did not even know there was a Christian Fashion industry. Great photos.

  2. Just awesome! I am a saved, filled with the Spirt girl that loves fashion and also an aspiring designer, so I really really enjoyed this post! Now following on Twitter!
    -Natasha @ Lovely You

  3. Wow! great post . I love dressing up and almost all women do. Thank you for joining the train on fashionable but modest dressing. I referred to this in my recent post God bless you sister!

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  7. Love your blog. Christian women can be Fashionable and Chic.
    Faithful Fashionable Diva

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